Protactile Principles by aj granda and Jelica Nuccio

This document outlines core principles of protactile communication. It also provides some background about how these principles were developed and how they are intended to be used as an educational resource. Videos and text descriptions are provided to illustrate proper application of the principles.

ProTactile: The DeafBlind Way

This website provides the ultimate introductory primer on what ProTactile is. Presented in video format with transcripts by the leaders of this movement Jelica Nuccio and aj granda, they will explain the philosophy and method, citing specific examples of this approach to the DeafBlind way of life. If you are looking for further training on ProTactile to you, your family, or your agency, please check the website for contact information.

The DBI National Training and Resource Center

Within a framework of evidence-based practice, the DeafBlind Interpreting National Training and Resource Center (DBI) aims to enhance communication access for persons who are DeafBlind by increasing the number of interpreters able to effectively interpret utilizing tactile communication and other strategies.

National Taskforce on DeafBlind Interpreting (NTFDBI)

The National Taskforce on DeafBlind Interpreting mission is “to establish a standard of effective practice to ensure the quality and availability of interpreters for DeafBlind people. The NTFDBI has various resources: including a list of definitions used in the DeafBlind community with video examples, links, a list of related publications and a calendar of training opportunities.

Language Emergence in the Seattle DeafBlind Community by Terra Edwards

To access this dissertation by Dr. Edwards, go to Edwards2014Dissertation.pdf. You can also read it here: Up to date research findings are uploaded regularly here:

Providing and Receiving Support Services: Comprehensive Training for DeafBlind Persons and Their Support Service Providers

Developed by Jelica Nuccio and others from the Seattle DeafBlind community, this curriculum is available to download for free in a variety of text options, including braille. This resource’s goal is to develop both the DeafBlind and sighted community develop Support Service Provider skills and knowledge. The curriculum is in-depth with over 200 Power Point slides and over 20 videos with transcripts to use to jumpstart your learning.

Protactile Research Network

The only website where you can find all information regarding Protactile research; listing the people, projects, publications, and resources.

Protactile for Kids

The project was funded by NSF to investigate how DeafBlind children learn Protactile which is a new language is totally accessible through touch.


Bapin Group

The Bapin Group supplies innovative equipment technology and software to their individual customers who are DeafBlind, Blind, and other various needs or to private or government agencies. They supply a broad range of computer hardware and software, peripherals, and adaptive/assistive technology products with friendly service from professionals who know the products.