Tc is not an organization where you can donate and use that as a tax write off. Any money you plan to donate will be greatly appreciated.

Tactile Communications (Tc) is an agency devoted to making a difference in the DeafBlind community by providing high-quality services that benefit DeafBlind individuals. Part of Tc’s uniqueness lies with its founder, DeafBlind herself, she promotes individual autonomy through ProTactile, a philipsophy which gives DeafBlind individuals the opportunity to successfully thrive in life.

At Tc, DeafBlind consumers train directly with DeafBlind instructors, who are uniquely positioned to champion the ProTactile philosophy and disseminate its teachings. Training at Tactile Communications is both linguistically and culturally accessible, giving DeafBlind people the tools they need to become active, autonomous, productive members of society.

We invite you to support the Tc mission. Your donations will be used to enhance and expand existing programs; to offer more outreach services, in home, education and work environments; to hire additional DeafBlind instructors to teach Braille, communication and adaptive strategies; and to provide scholarships to students who lack the means to undertake TC’s transformative training.

Tactile Communications relies on the support of its generous donors. Your donation ensures the success of the Tc program and helps cultivate future DeafBlind leaders. Thank you for your support!